Tips for Keeping your Baby Toys Clean and Hygienic

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7012-101413-gs7012Most baby toys have crevasses and ridges that can collect dust and grime. This can easily build up unless the baby toys are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Babies naturally chew on toys dirty toys can negatively affect the health of your baby. Below are some tips on keeping your baby’s toys clean:

Scrub the toys and air dry them once per week

Take all the toys out and scrub them using an old toothbrush. You can also wash toys in the dish washer that cannot be damaged by it. It is also vital to ensure that all toys are air dried thoroughly before storing them. 

Clean toys using bleach solution 

The bleach to water ratio should always be 1:10 respectively. Soak the toys in the bleach solution then rinse them well with plain water. Shake off the water and air-dry the toys on a towel. This is an effective way of preventing the buildup of gunk and mold in the toys. 

Store baby toys in containers that allow air to circulate such as a mesh bag

Storing baby toys in a bucket or other closed containers is not a good idea mainly because dark closed spaces are a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew, which are harmful to your baby. 

Clean the toy storage area as often as you clean the toys

Make sure that you not only keep the toys clean, but that you keep the place that you store them clean as well. Wiping out the inside with a disinfectant solution or wipe can eliminate germs and grime.

Keeping a regular schedule of cleaning baby toys is a good way of ensuring that the toys last for a long time without posing health hazards to your child. And if you would like some help with your house cleaning, The Maids New Jersey, in Perth Amboy can assist you.


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