Three Steps for Eliminating Mold on Children’s Toys

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7782-101413-gs7782Mold, in some form, is present in every home. It is often found in dark places, and places where moisture builds up. Your children’s toys are one of those places, as they often are exposed to some type of moisture, whether it is from being in the bathtub or exposed to saliva from your child’s mouth. Mold is a health hazard so getting rid of it as soon as possible is very important.  Below are tips for gettingrid of mold problems on toys:

Wash the toys in hot water

The best way for you to get rid of the mold without using chemicals is to try to wash the mold off with hot water. Hot water will kill the mold because of the high temperature. After you have washed and rinsed the toys with hot water you should dry them before storing.

Use bleach to wash the toys or seats that have been affected by molds

Another easy method for getting rid of mold is by soaking the toys is a bleach solution. Simply mix bleach and water at a 1:10 ratio, place toys in the solution, and allow to soak from a little time as 2-3 hours, to overnight. Then rinse and dry the toys thoroughly. This should effectively remove mold from the toys.

Apply vinegar to the toys and dry them in the sun

Vinegar is a great natural disinfectant to fight mold problems. Soak affected toys in a vinegar solution to eliminate mold problems. Then dry the toys in the sun, effectively making sure mold is eliminated.

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