Practical Tips for Storing Medicine Safely from Children

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7057-101413-gs7057Medicines are always potential hazards to kids, especially if they are placed where children can reach them. You don’t want your child to have access to medicine because kids are fond of eating anything they find. While child-safe packaging is important, there are other important tips you should consider to keep medicine safe from your children, which are listed below:

Purchase a Medicine Safe

This safe is reinforced with steel, has steel double-throw locking bolts, and pre-drilled mounting holes. They come with two serialized barrel keys, and can hold up to seven standard medicine bottles. A medicine safe is compact and small enough to fit inside a drawer or regular cabinet. Though they are costly, their importance in keeping medicine safe from children can outweigh the cost. 

Put All Medicines Out of Reach

Supplements, vitamins, and other medicines should always be kept and stored out of reach. Remove all your medicines from the nightstands, purses, and other low places, and secure them safely in out of reach areas.  

Teach Your Child that Medicine is Medicine and not Candy

While it is important to place medicines out of reach, you should also make sure your child understands that medicine isn’t food or candy,and they should not take it unless you give them. 

Discard Medicine Carefully

Avoid throwing medicine in the trash can in your home because children are really curious and can easily dig them out. Try taking them directly to the trash can outside to dispose of them.

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