Five Tips to Prevent Keys, Shoes, and Other Disappearances in Your Home

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gsappp-img-3101-120213Searching for misplaced items in your home can take a lot of time, possibly making you late for work, school, or other important appointments. These include items such as: cell phones, keys, eyeglasses, checks, remotes, socks, shoes, and other small items. People often lose things when they fail to give them a proper place in the home and keep putting them in different places. Multitasking is another major cause of disappearances in the home. Fortunately, there are some easy-to-implement tips for how to prevent misplaced item problems in your home:

Give every item a home

Create a specific place for your most important items, or those that you use often, like shoes, keys, and your wallet. Find a place that is comfortable and memorable enough so that it becomes natural to put those items there.  

Create multiple places for items if necessary

Create different places for placing items that follow you through the home. For instance, you can have a place to put your cell phone in the living room, bedroom, study area, and kitchen. 

Train yourself to remember

Finding a place to put your things is good, but you need to create a habit of returning them in their rightful place every time. A simple way to achieve this is by verbalizing where you place your items. For instance, you can make a habit of saying where you put your keys out loud when placing them, or tell a family member where they are. The latter option is even better, since you can be reminded when you forget. 

Make your storage system logical

This will make it easy to remember, like placing your remote controls at a specific place in the entertainment area and your key storage near the door.

Get rid of clutter

Being in a neat and tidy home means that there are fewer piles to conceal vital items, and less ways to lose smaller items in the clutter.

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