DIY Tips for Those Squeaky Doors

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4052209-house-door-040214-2417Squeaking doors create a very annoying sound that can ruin your mood and leave you feeling irritated. Here are some DIY tips that you can use to fix squeaking doors without necessarily hiring a professional door installer this weekend.

Check the hinges for damage:

Faulty or loose hinges can cause the door to sag or detach from the frame completely. One of the guaranteed ways of getting rid of the squeaking sound is by checking your hinges. It is possible to repair them if they are broken. However, at times it is more convenient to replace them with new ones because most of the parts are usually very delicate. If you decide to do so, choose hinges that are strong and durable.

Reduce friction:

Oiling is one of the common procedures used to reduce friction as you open and close the door. There are special oils that are specifically formulated for reducing friction in door hinges. Ensure that you accurately apply the oil on the hinge to effectively reduce the friction.

Check the frames:

Your door will surely produce a squeaking sound if the frames are rotten or weak. When installing the door, it is recommendable to only use quality frames that are less susceptible to rotting and termite attacks especially if you decide to install a wooden door. Also, use quality nails or screws to strongly attach your preferred hinges on the frames.

Finally, avoid applying too much pressure on the door when opening or closing it to promote overall functionality and increase the lifespan of the hinges. As you can see, fixing squeaking doors is not difficult if you know how to do it right. And if you need assistance around your home with everyday housekeeping needs, then do not hesitate to contact The Maids of New Jersey, who have locations in both Union and Perth Amboy.

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