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7177-101413-gs7177Toys for kids are made from many different materials. The common materials used to manufacture many toys include plastic, wood, paper, and fabric. Some of these materials allow for the growth of mold, while others are just harder for mold to attach to the surfaces. Mold is a harmful organism that can cause serious health problems for your children.

4052209-house-door-040214-2417Squeaking doors create a very annoying sound that can ruin your mood and leave you feeling irritated. Here are some DIY tips that you can use to fix squeaking doors without necessarily hiring a professional door installer this weekend.

gsappp-img-3101-120213Searching for misplaced items in your home can take a lot of time, possibly making you late for work, school, or other important appointments. These include items such as: cell phones, keys, eyeglasses, checks, remotes, socks, shoes, and other small items. People often lose things when they fail to give them a proper place in the home and keep putting them in different places. Multitasking is another major cause of disappearances in the home. Fortunately, there are some easy-to-implement tips for how to prevent misplaced item problems in your home:

7782-101413-gs7782Mold, in some form, is present in every home. It is often found in dark places, and places where moisture builds up. Your children’s toys are one of those places, as they often are exposed to some type of moisture, whether it is from being in the bathtub or exposed to saliva from your child’s mouth. Mold is a health hazard so getting rid of it as soon as possible is very important.  Below are tips for gettingrid of mold problems on toys:

duster-with-glove-1113tm-pic-1338It is very important to clean and dust your TVs, computers, home theater systems, and gaming equipment in the proper way to avoid damaging them. You can end up damaging them instead of cleaning if you aren’t careful. This makes it very important for you to be aware of the basic steps to use. Below are some basic steps to safely and easily clean your home entertainment equipment: 

7057-101413-gs7057Medicines are always potential hazards to kids, especially if they are placed where children can reach them. You don’t want your child to have access to medicine because kids are fond of eating anything they find. While child-safe packaging is important, there are other important tips you should consider to keep medicine safe from your children, which are listed below:

7012-101413-gs7012Most baby toys have crevasses and ridges that can collect dust and grime. This can easily build up unless the baby toys are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Babies naturally chew on toys dirty toys can negatively affect the health of your baby. Below are some tips on keeping your baby’s toys clean:

cleaner mop wipes frontIt is important to take care of your cabinets so that they will remain beautiful and as well as useful for years to come. Without proper care, the wood can become dull, cracked, and weak. Below are some tips for properly caring for your cabinets:

img 9389-1113vv-nvThough books are disposable once they are used, it is a norm to store them because their content never fades away, the information is always new to another person. If you are lucky enough to have a room for your own home library or even if you don’t have one, scattered books jumbled in your bedroom and in your table drawers could be arranged well. With everyone including your guests looking forward to easily access their favorite novels, there is need to keep all your books in a systematic and organized manner. But the fact remains that, organizing and creating space in your home library has never been easy. Nevertheless, you can do it yourself or hire The Maids of New Jersey in Union to handle it for you, as well as housekeeping if you desire. If you choose to embark on the project yourself, you should consider the following tips.

3d-wooden-shelves-913-71A home is a home, filled with your things—and the clutter that comes with them. However much you try, it is rather difficult keeping your home in tip-top condition all the time. You will find your cabinets filling up, drawers getting loaded, and closets carrying too many things.

The best way to overcome all this clutter is to think of innovative ideas for your shelves. Use your creativity to make more space so that all your housekeeping efforts keep your home looking great. The first thing to do is reorganize all your shelves so that they give you more space to store your belongings.

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